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The Top 5 Mishaps That Are Damaging Your Lashes

From not removing make-up properly at the end of a long day, to overloading your eyes with lash extensions, it’s no secret that our lashes take a real beating in our everyday lives. But did you know that there are other mishaps that could be causing serious damage? According to expert Debbie Law at Nouveau Lashes, there are several things that could be contributing to the health (or lack thereof) of your eyelashes:

1- Rubbing your eyes too much

Doing this too vigorously or often can lead to thinning of the cornea, which can lead to thinning of the cornea and cause blood vessels to break – resulting in blood shot eyes, dark under eyes and lash fall-out.

2-.Using expired mascara

Mascara can potentially post the biggest risk to lashes if used past its expiry date. If you’re using a mascara wand, make sure to use circular motions to gather up the product, rather than pumping in and out of the container. This pushes air into the tube, causing the mascara to dry out quicker and become flaky. How you use your mascara can a big indicator of how long the product will actually last. If it smells funky before the six month expiry date, it’s likely gone off sooner. 

3-Overusing false lashes

Using fake lashes too often can lead to eye infection, allergic reactions and natural lash damage. If you do get lash extensions, make sure to wash them thoroughly every day to remove dead skin build-up and bacteria.

4-Eyelash curlers

The most common mistake people make when curling their lashes is applying the mascara beforehand, which is a major culprit of eyelash breakage. Instead of giving the luscious volume you’re after, curling the lashes after applying mascara will make them sticky and more likely to get pulled out by the curler. A good curler should not damage your lashes if you use it in the correct way.

5-Ripping off false lashes

Taking off your false lashes incorrectly at the end of the day can not only have a detrimental effect to your lashes, but also to the hair follicles, meaning they wont grow back. Don’t over-apply glue or pull lashes off aggressively, and use castor oil for gentle false lash removal.

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