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Our Top 5 Tips For Growing Lashes


Feel like your flutter needs some oomph? Here’s your new go-to guide…

It’s no secret that lashes can totally make or break a make-up look. And if you’re an extension or falsie fanatic, you’ll know just how naked you feel without a full-on flutter. But the problem is, falsies can be fiddly and extensions can be expensive and high-maintenance - meaning there’s no easy way out, unless you give growing your natural lashes a go. Here, we round up our top 5 lash growing tips, so that you can set out on your lash mission well-armed… 

Use a serum

Scout out an eyelash serum that contains bimatoprost. This is an active ingredient that has been scientifically proven to encourage lash growth and thickness by extending the time that the lash follicle stays in its ‘growth’ phase. Applying your serum of choice twice a day to clean lashes is crucial if you want to grow them to their full potential.

Moisturise with aloe vera

Not sold on lash serums? Try something natural, instead. Using moisturising ingredients such as castor oil, coconut oil, vitamin E or aloe vera gels all help to strengthen the lashes and prevent them from breaking. These mega-hydrating ingredients also help to stop lashes from drying out which can make them appear thin and sparse.

Use a lash-loving mascara

Lash care isn’t all about the prep – as you can make sure that your lashes are being taken care of when it comes to your make-up, too. Check the ingredients in your go-to formula and make sure that it doesn’t contain ingredients such as coal tar dye, formaldehyde, parabens or petrolatum. Instead, opt for a formula that contains lash-loving extracts and oils to keep your lashes protected throughout the day.

Grab some hair-nourishing supplements

Not only great for growing the hair on your head, hair-boosting supplements can also work wonders on lashes. Look for a supplement that contains biotin – a vitamin that strengthens, protects and prevents hair and lash loss and shedding.

Take preventative action

This doesn’t mean you necessarily have to do anything but make sure that you are giving your lashes the TLC they need in order to grow healthily. Using a mascara that doesn’t clump and is easy to remove, as well as a gentle eye make-up remover is key to ensuring that there is as little trauma caused to your lashes as possible. This means potentially avoiding waterproof formulas, too, as they are notoriously hard to remove. Stay away from lash glue (which can actually cause long-term damage to your eyelash root) and keep harsh skincare ingredients away from your eye area.

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